A storm is coming to the DAFTcoin Universe…

7 min readSep 2, 2021

The Daftcoin token contract was created on 1st March 2021. From the beginning, things were clear and announced accordingly: this token intends to reward its holders! Indeed, the Daftcoin was created to pay tribute to one of the fundamental beliefs behind the crypto-universe: holding your tokens, because one day their intrinsic value would be recognized by the market and the holders would be thus rewarded.

Guided by this spirit, the team behind Daftcoin had more in its mind: the idea that the response provided by Governments to the COVID-19 crisis would trigger an inflation, which would in turn diminish people purchasing power in the middle of challenging times. The response was simple: create a reflect token, whereby holders’ number of tokens would increase after each transaction, and benefit from the actions of each member of the Community. In addition, a deflationary approach led the Team to conduct several burns of tokens and increase the value of the holders’ bag.

Recognizing and identifying the challenges

In the process of implementing the above vision, the Team witnessed the emergence of a strong community, with crypto-fans and traders adopting this idea of being rewarded by being part of a group of holders.

Some important figures are worth noting. Today, transparent on chain data indicates that more than 1,800 wallets are holding Daftcoin. Also, more than 10,700 people follow Daftcoin on Twitter and almost 3,500 are interacting on its Telegram Channel . Daftcoin was recently recognized by the famous website Lunar Crush: on 31 August 2021, Daftcoin appeared within the Top 10 of the BSC ecosystem in terms of social engagement.

Its figures in that regard remain strong today.

Another strong indicator of the strength of the project: on 31 August 2021, Vulkania.io revealed Daftcoin’s dashboard! The project is among the very few listed so far!

Vulkania’s rankings

However, a good vision and a good strategy does not always translate in concrete benefit for the Community. Progressively, the Team became aware that a mere vision is not always enough to keep and retain the members of the Community: the Daftcoin needed to always be relevant, to have a clear and strong use-case, in order to attract a larger group of holders and achieve the vision of allowing individuals to reach some financial stability by holding the token. One first clear step for the Team was to become known: from anonymity to the light, the Team moved to display on the website all the people being part of it. This decision was based on the assumption that achieving the vision required a high level of transparency, in order to reinforce trust among the members of the Community.

Bringing about change

Based on the lessons learned in the course of building the Community, the Team came out with clear plans to establish a strong use-case for the Daftcoin. In experimenting first, the Team created an NFT marketplace, welcoming first talented French Artists. The idea was to ensure that any purchase of NFTs on the marketplace would generate royalties to be shared between the Artist and the holders of the token. However, this idea was not enough and the Team quickly realized that the current setup of NFTs did not allow a large adoption of the marketplace and could not soon enough establish the use-case of the Daftcoin.

One of the NFTs previously listed

Following months of brainstorming and research, as well as surveys of crypto-fans and members of the Community, the Team realized on which foundations the use-case of Daftcoin should be built: there was a clear need to establish a platform where members of the Community and beyond crypto-fans and traders could interact and voice their opinions on the most promising projects of the cryptosphere.

The coming changes…

This is where the major announcements start! Beginning at the end of September, the Team will bring substantial changes to the Daftcoin Universe.

1- For several weeks now, the Developers have been working on an App which would allow Daftholders and cryptofans to vote on the most promising projects of the Cryptosphere. Projects intending to attract cryptofans attention would have to demonstrate through the App how valuable their projects are and allow fans to express their views by voting. The Beta version of this App will be released soon, and the Team will provide in the coming weeks the official calendar for the successive updates and additional features to be available on the voting App. Kindly follow the relevant communication channels for the future announcements in that regard.

2- Following the successful implementation of the voting App, a second and fundamental tool will be added to the App in order to allow Daftcoin holders and cryptofans to interact and have an impact on the future of their favorite projects. In order to protect the project, information on this tool is still kept confidential. This tool is already under advanced development and the Team envisages to announce it very soon as well. But see some screeshots so satisfy your curiosity below ;)

3- Bearing in mind the need to affirm the Daftcoin use-case, the Team will ensure that the token remains at the heart of the different operations performed on the App. Additional technical information of this part will be part of a different article to be released soon as well.

Most notable news…

So far, we foresee that Daftcoin holders and cryptofans may feel frustrated because much of the news are still to be released. We are sorry if you feel that way. Please bear in mind that in a very dynamic field such as crypto, there is a need to ensure that we do not make announcements which could lead to detrimental consequences on the Project and the need to protect the project.

In order to reward your patience, note these major news:

(i) The Daftcoin will go through a major rebranding in September-October. We are aware that the Community is attached to the current image, logo and name of the Daftcoin. However, moving forward, it is our deep belief that the Daftcoin needs to change its brand, name and visuals, in order to reaffirm more clearly its identity.

(ii) The Team has been discussing with other major projects ( top 50 of CMC) and will announce very soon official partnerships with these projects. These partnerships involve the contribution of these projects to the development of the Daftcoin ecosystem, such as data sourcing and exchanges, as well as substantial support in terms of marketing and management of the project. These announcements will be made together with the other projects so please understand that we cannot announce them unilaterally here. A small hint: think of the best available Oracle solutions 😉

(iii) So far, the Daftcoin has been available on the Binance Smart Chain. However, moving forward, the Team has been exploring cross-chains solutions and the possibility of being available on other blockchains such as ETH or FLOW. Once the technicalities are sorted out within the Team and with the teams behind these blockchains, details and dates will be provided.

We are immensely grateful to the Daftcoin Community for bearing with the Team in times where things looked a bit blurred and when the Team was adjusting to a growing project, in a fast-moving field. With the vision that we have, we will have to overcome several hurdles to succeed. But do not be mistaken: we intend to succeed and ensure that the Daftcoin meets its Community expectations, wherever in terms of allowing them to reach financial stability or becoming the next big project in the crypto-world!

One last thing: Daftcoin will become known under its new name as HOODLER! See you soon! 😊