Introducing DaftCoin Protocol

DAFT is the first BSC token to re-imagine the concept of frictionless yield generation and deflationary mechanisms protocol to invest in fractional and frictionless real estate investing.

The Problem

Faced with the uncertainty of the coronavirus 2019 crisis. Faced with the complexity and difficulty of obtaining real estate loans in times of crisis. We have decided with our development team of two engineers to provide a sustainable solution over time in the face of inflation.

First we decided to create a crypto currency that rewards investors and is deflationary over time. In a second step we want to set up smarts contract during the second half of 2022 to allow our investors to stack their token even more and give rewards.

Problem of fees on the Ethereum Blockchain: Most of the current DeFi projects have been built on the Ethereum Blockchain, increasing the power of the network effects and enhancing the security of the protocol. Although, this has also led to the appeciation of the ETH price which has skyrocketed Ethereum transaction fees. The result is that the Ethereum Ecosystem is becoming a pay-to-win network mostly accessible by the wealthiest wallets.

The Solution

Cryptocurrency is still the best investment you can make. For the first time, investors around the globe can buy a reflect token through fully-compliant, fractional, tokenized ownership. Powered by blockchain.

Our solution allows access to yields and rewards. Through our community we will be able to continue to invest together. We wish to democratize the access to cryptocurrency investment.

How do we want to implement this?

We are currently a development team looking for long-term investors to support the growth of the project. We started by creating the first version of our protocol. We are working in an agile (like a lean startup) with sprints, way to scale our project. In the long term we want to offer the best user experience on our platform various tangible assets such as land in order to fight against inflation and poverty.

We believe that together we can be stronger, that’s why we want to set up rewards to the most loyal holders. We will first create a web platform to allow our community to invest in DAFT. To do so, we will give the possibility to token owners to store their tokens in smarts contracts. A smart contract by tangible assets.

The maximum supply of $DAFT is 100,000,000, which is continuously burned by 25% of the current fee applied to each transaction.

The DaftCoin Community

Our community is the basis for the DAFT platform. We have holders, developers, marketers and all in all amazing people. Join our Telegram channel. And don’t forget to share.

Next Steps — Roadmap for Q2 2021

The focus is on user growth and building the product by adding platforms, smarts contracts and assets. As well we will continue to optimise and improve our existing products and prioritise new features that add further value to and DAFT ecosystems. BUILD, BUILD, BUILD

Binance Smart Chain and DAFT Token

  • Create the first DAFT smart contract.
  • Open an presale ICO: 2BNB = 2 000 000 DAFT (MAX 5BNB/holder)
  • Giveaway for ours supporters : 10 000 DAFT each supporter.
  • Create the protocol and deploy 100 000 000 deflationist tokens.
  • Continued R&D.

Web platform

  • Creation of a development team.
  • Development of a first version of desktop application.
  • Continued R&D.



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