Monthly Report #1

3 min readJul 10, 2021

Dear community,

The DraftCoin team is working hard for a few weeks on the platform development. As a reminder, we are building the first crypto social platform (with Voting, Social, Holders & NFT platform).

Crypto-currency founders or communities can create a wall for their favorite token to interact of that specific token.

We imagine that some people want to find bests gems tokens, their first step will be to go to DaftCoin and take a look at its community and can interact directly with founders.

In one click you could connect with yours bsc adresse and start to post!

We believe that platforms such as Reddit, Twitter are not suitable for this new generation of social crypto platform.

With DaftCoin you can easily connect with yours friends directly with you DaftCoin wallet. If we succeed in continuing to grow, more and more people will use Daftcoin. Our main goal in terms of traffic is to compete with coinshunt and coinsniper who generate millions of visitors.

You can start to use DraftCoin on this alpha version:

What we have done

We have released and added new features to the DaftCoin application. Now, you can add a post on your favorite projects. No need Karma for posting on DatfCoin app!

This is the render of the post :

You can connect in one click your wallet with Metamask and see you account on the top right with your balance of Daft.

You can found a new section with the projects winners and vote for the best winner round. 🔥

You can edit your profil and settings.

New features are coming soon to the application:

What are the next steps?

Over the next weeks, our team will be focusing on building new features by the end of the summer and working on the marketing to make partnerships with other blockchains projects.